Westin Heavenly Shower  II


Learn how Starwood and Kohler worked to give every Westin guest a spa-like experience

Westin Hotels and Resorts has always been on the leading edge of innovation in the hospitality industry. From 24-hour room service to personal voicemail, this luxury hotel chain focuses on the needs of their guests. In 2001, Westin introduced the “Westin Heavenly Head”, a showerhead featuring two heads, delivering a shower experience that could not be found anywhere else in the industry.

Corporate sustainability initiatives became a primary focus, and began to strongly influence the hospitality industry. By 2010, Westin’s parent company Starwood Hotels and Resorts made a commitment as a global corporate citizen to slash energy consumption by 30% and water consumption by 20% throughout their global hotel and resort system by the year 2020. With this in mind, Westin partnered with KOHLER Co. to create the Westin Heavenly Shower II.

The Westin Heavenly Shower II reduces the gallons/liters of water per minute by at least half compared to the previous dual Heavenly Head, saving approximately 13,000* gallons (49,700* liters) of hot water per room every year – that’s a direct savings of both energy and water. This new shower further advanced the luxury showering experience for Westin guests by offering an 8” Katalyst Air-Induction Rainhead and Shift dual-function Handshower. Properties aiming for LEED certification can also take the added step of utilizing a 2.0 gallon per minute flow-rate option, further extending the reach toward the 30/20 by 2020 initiative.

The Westin Heavenly Shower II helped Westin continue to lead the industry in innovation, offering a retrofit connection that easily fits into the existing supply elbow without altering in-wall plumbing and never takes the room offline. The Westin Heavenly Shower II enhances the hotel showering experience by bringing spa-like amenities into every guestroom. 

The height of the handshower can be easily adjusted so as to be used as a showerhead, or it can be removed and used as a targeted massage, handheld device.  By giving guests the option of a rainhead or a handshower-showerhead, Westin allows each guest to modify their showering experience to fit their individual need. 

Products that make up the Westin Heavenly Shower II are:
8” Square Rainhead with Katalyst Spray, 2.5 gpm
8” Square Rainhead with Katalyst Spray, 2.0 gpm
Shift 2.5 gpm Multifunction Square 2-Way Handshower
Shift 2.0 gpm Multifunction Square 2-Way Handshower

The Westin Heavenly Shower II has been installed in most properties throughout North America, and can also be found in Westin properties globally.  A few properties that feature the Westin Heavenly Shower II are:
The Westin Grand Central in New York City
The Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites in Los Angeles
The Westin Grand in Vancouver
The Westin Playa Bonita Resort & Spa in Panama City
The Westin Grand Frankfurt in Germany
The Westin Cape Town in South Africa