Celebrating History

Kohler celebrated its twentieth anniversary in Peru at Lima’s historic Casa Prado in September. It was a night of innovation and design, recognizing local architects and featuring iconic works. The event played host to 350 guests and showcased four suites displaying various KOHLER® products—including Moxie®, Real Rain™, Artist Editions®, faucet finishes and spa experiences.

The Start of Something Great

In 1997 Rivelsa, a distributor of world-class products to architects and designers, partnered with Kohler Co. to introduce KOHLER products into the Peruvian market as Kohler’s innovative designs seemed a good match for the advancing country and the Peruvian people. Since then, Kohler’s presence in Peru has been mutually beneficial, melding the vibrant culture, the picturesque landscape and architectural grandeur of ancient ruins with the sophisticated and modern design of Kohler.


Showroom Success

Today, Kohler’s presence in Peru continues to evolve with its new showroom in Lima. The showroom functions as a hub for architects and designers looking to specify KOHLER products. Last April, a group of Casas y Más magazine readers gathered at the showroom for a DecoNight to listen to a presentation by Fiorella Milla-León, award-winning architect and creative director from García Milla-León Arquitectos.

Panoramica 1.jpg

A Bright Future

Kohler is excited to continue to contribute to the progression of the Peruvian market with new, innovative designs that complement both the historical and modern elements of Peru. The showroom in Lima will remain an influential hub for architects and designers.