We're KOHLER Marine -- a company of craftsmen guided by a singular purpose: your experience. Every generator we make, every weld, wire and circuit is a testament to our quality. If you haven't considered KOHLER before, it's time to discover what is made to go unnoticed.

Power Everywhere.                                                                  Anytime.

While you're out enjoying the world, power is always on our mind so it doesn't have to be on yours. Without power, there would be no dazzling skylines to look at, no fridges to preserve food, or televisions screens to enjoy. Whatever the need, we have you covered.

Whether assisting a yacht on its journey or providing back-up power to a resort in New York City, the KOHLER Global Projects and Specifications team will help you find the power solution you need for your next project.

Proven Reliability

Every KOHLER marine generator is extensively quality-tested--before model release and before leaving the factory. The result is proven reliability.

Global Support

With nearly 1,000 sales and service locations around the world, we're everywhere you go.