Being On-Trend

Design trends are always evolving, often in subtle ways. Materials improve, new color combinations arise, architectural styles take different forms. To anticipate the hottest trends in kitchen and bathroom design, Kohler searches the globe for inspiration. According to our discoveries, one of Kohler’s hottest design trends this year is the use of warm-toned metals to create a summer look.


Bring Summer In

Summer, a season to slow down, enjoy the outdoors, and be inspired by beautiful late night sunsets. This wonderful time of year doesn’t need to end after August. You can emulate the feeling of summer in your properties year round with the right warm-toned metals. Copper and rose gold are two warm-toned metals to consider. Copper has a natural softness that can be used on decorative pieces and accessories to brighten up a room. Similarly, the vibrant warmth and variety of red-tones of rose gold radiate, creating a look reflective of the summer sun. To help you bring this warm touch to your projects, Kohler offers Vibrant™ Rose Gold as a finish on many of our faucets and accessories.

Shed a Warm Light on Your Next Project

If you want to create a summer look all year round with warm-toned metals, the good news is that you can use them everywhere. Whether it’s in an already-sunny island resort reflecting the outside rays, or in a skiing lodge between snowy mountaintops, the metallic sheen and signature color of warm metal will be stylish and welcoming to guests in any setting.